Amigurumi Patrick Star Free Crochet Pattern

Free pattern, its sale is prohibited. It is allowed to make the doll for sale on a small scale, if you make it please tag me to see your final result and mention All crochet as pattern designer. Being a free skipper I reserve the availability to answer questions about it. To make this doll you need basic-intermediate level knowledge in crochet. Enjoy it! 


or 50g of Kartopu in medium lilac tone 

or 25g of Kartopu in green tone 

or 10g of La Abuelita yarn in purple 

or 5g of kartopu yarn in black tone 

or 3mm hook 

or scissors 

or Staging needle 

or Filling 

or Felt in black and white colors 

or Liquid silicone (fabric glue) 

Terms used: 

Notes before starting: 

✓ It is woven in a spiral unless otherwise indicated. 

✓ Use a stitch marker or a piece of yarn to guide you at the beginning of each round. 

✓ It is important to read the pattern carefully. 

✓ The finished Patrick’s measurement using the aforementioned materials in approx. 20 cm. 

✓ It is highly recommended to search tutorials on youtube to identify the types of points, tips to join the 

parts to the body and tissue in the form of “x” as they will not be explained in this pattern. 

✓ You can use other materials to do it, but the result may vary. 

✓ Don’t forget to take breaks while knitting. 

Term Meaning 

Rnd Lap Number 

ch: Chain 

sc : single crochet 

dc : double crochet 

inc : increase (two points in the same point) 

dec : Decrease (one point at two points) 

x6 Repeat, repeat 6 times what is in brackets [] 

() Number of points at the end of each round 

#color Color change 

BLO Knit on the strands inside 

FLO Knit on the strands outside 

Legs (make 2) 

#Lilac medium 

Rnd1) 6 sc magic ring (6) 

Rnd2) [3 inc, 3 sc] x3 (9) 

Rnd3) 9 sc (9) 

Rnd4) 1 sc, 3 inc, 5 sc (12) 

Rnd5) 12 sc (12) 

Rnd6) 2 sc, 3 inc, 7 sc (15) 

Rnd7-8) 15 sc (15) (2 turns) 


Rnd9) 4 sc, [1 inc, 1 sc] x3, 5 sc (18) 

Rnd10) BLO 18 sc (18) 

Rnd11) [2 sc, 1 inc] x6 (24) 

Rnd12) 24 sc (24) 

Close the first leg with slip stitch and cut. Repeat to do the second leg without slip stitching at the end and do not cut the strand. 


Continue on the second leg: 

Rnd13) 24 sc, 2 ch (bind to 1st leg with double crochet), 23 sc on 1st leg, 2 sc on chains (52) 

Rnd14-16) 52 sc (52) (3 laps) 

Rnd17) 5 sc, 1 inc, 9 sc, [1 inc, 3 sc] x6, 5 sc, 1 inc, 7 sc (60) 

Rnd18-21) 60 sc (60) (4 laps) 

Start filling, continue filling when necessary. 

#Lilac medium 

Knit the first round (Rnd22) inside (BLO). 

Rnd22-27) 60 sc (60) (6 laps) 

Rnd28) [8 sc, 1 dec] x6 (54) 

Rnd29) 54 sc (54) 

Rnd30) [7 sc, 1 dec] x6 (48) 

Rnd31) 48 sc (48) 

Rnd32) [6 sc, 1 dec] x6 (42) 

Rnd33) 42 sc (42) 

Rnd34) [5 sc, 1 dec] x6 (36) 

Rnd35-37) 36 sc (36) (3 laps) 

Rnd38) [4 sc, 1 dec] x6 (30) 

Rnd39-40) 30 sc (30) (2 turns) 

Rnd41) [3 sc, 1 dec] x6 (24) 

Rnd42-44) 24 sc (24) (3 laps) 

Rnd45) [6 sc, 1 dec] x3 (21) 

Rnd46) [5 sc, 1 dec] x3 (18) 

Rnd47) [4 sc, 1 dec] x3 (15) 

Rnd48) 15 sc (15) 

Rnd49) [3 sc, 1 dec] x3 (12) 

Rnd50) 15 points (12) 

Rnd51) 4 dec, close with magic ring. (Taking only the outer strands with the needle). Do not forget to fill in well before close. For more detail, make a row of slipped dots on the edge of the pants with green color. 

Arms (make 2) 

#Lilac medium 

Rnd1) 6 sc magic ring (6) 

Rnd2) [1 inc, 1 sc] x3 (9) 

Rnd3) [2 sc, 1 inc] x3 (12) 

Rnd4) 12 sc (12) 

Rnd5) [3 sc, 1 inc] x3 (15) 

Rnd6) 15 sc (15) 

Rnd7) [4 sc, 1 inc] x3 (18) 

Rnd8-15) 18 sc (18) (8 laps) 

Close with slip stitch leaving a long strand to sew to the body. Fill very lightly. 

Sew the arms between Rnd32 and Rnd33 from the body. 

Stamping flowers (make 4) 


Petal1) 4 ch, knit 2 d in the first chain (base chain), make 3 ch and join the base chain with slip stitch. 

Petal2-3) 3 ch, knit 2 d in the first chain (base chain), make 3 ch and join the base chain with slip stitch. 

Cut the strand and hide at the back. Paste with liquid silicone. If you want to sew and not glue, leave a long strand at end up. 


Cut out 2 ovals (23mm long x 15mm wide) of white felt. 

Cut 2 ovals (approx 7mm) of black felt. 

Paste the black ovals on the white ones and then stick them to the doll’s face with liquid silicone. 

Add details: 

Sew eyebrows, mouth, navel using the stamen needle and a long piece of black yarn. 

It is recommended to unravel the piece of yarn into one strand 

Thinner for finer details. 

Done, you finished your Patricio amigurumi! 

Don’t forget to take pictures and share your work with us. 

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