Cute Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern: Craft Your Adorable Crochet Bunny Buddy

Welcome to the enchanting world of crochet, where you can bring a fluffy friend to life with our Cute Bunny Amigurumi free pattern. This delightful project is perfect for crafters of all levels, from beginners seeking a charming introduction to crochet to experienced hands looking for a fun and rewarding project. Join us as we unravel the steps to create your very own cuddly bunny buddy!

The Cute Bunny Amigurumi free pattern is your ticket to creating an irresistibly adorable crochet bunny. This pattern provides step-by-step instructions and tips to guide you through the crafting process. Whether you want to add a handmade touch to your home decor, create a heartfelt gift, or simply enjoy the therapeutic art of crocheting, this bunny is the perfect project. From its floppy ears to its fluffy tail, your finished amigurumi bunny will radiate charm and cuteness. Start crocheting today and hop into the world of handmade magic with your new bunny companion!


Magic ring:  Magic ring  

SC:  Single Crochet                 

İnc:  Increase  

Dec:  Decrease  

Blo:  Knitting from the back lobe  

Flo:  Knitting from the front lobe  

Ch:  Chain  



1) Magic ring into 6sc  

2) 6inc 12sc  

3) (1sc 1inc) * 6 18sc  

4) (2sc 1inc) * 6 24sc  

5) (3sc 1inc) * 6 30sc  

6) (4sc 1inc) * 6 36sc  

7) (5sc 1inc) * 6 42sc  

8) (6sc 1inc) * 6 48sc  

9) (7sc 1inc) * 6 54sc  

 10-20) 54sc  

21) 13sc (1sc 1inc) * 5 7sc (1sc 1inc) * 5 14sc 64sc  

22-26) 64sc  

27) 13sc (1sc 1dec) * 5 7sc (1sc 1dec) * 5 14sc 54sc  

More of your head  

28) (7sc 1dec) * 6 48sc  

29) (6sc 1dec) * 6 42sc  

30) (5sc 1dec) * 6 36sc  

31) (4sc 1dec) * 6 30sc  

32) (3sc 1dec) * 6 24sc  

33) (2sc 1dec) * 6 18sc  

10 mm eyes to be fitted between rows 18 and 19  


1) Magic ring into 6sc  

2) (1sc 1inc) * 3 9sc  

3) (2sc 1inc) * 3 12sc  

4) (3sc 1inc) * 3 15sc  

5) (4sc 1inc) * 3 18sc  

6) (5sc 1inc) * 3 21sc  

7-9) 21sc  

10) (6sc 1inc) * 3 24sc  

11-21) 24sc  

22) (6sc 1dec) * 3 21sc  

23-25) 21sc  

26) (5sc 1dec) * 3 18sc  

27) (4sc 1dec) * 3 15sc  

28) 15sc  

(Tear off the rope long)  

Leg and body  

1) Magic ring into 6sc  

2) 6inc 12sc  

3) (3sc 1inc) * 3 15sc  

4-27) 15sc Change color (switch to yellow)  

28) 15sc  

29) 15 sc as flo  

30-40) 15sc  

41) The second leg will be knitted in the same way and we will connect 4 chains.  

42) 38sc  

43-50) 38sc  

51) 38sc as blo  

Change color (switch to gray)  

Continue where Blo is held  

52-60) 38sc  

61) 1dec 36sc from the sides  

62) 1dec 34sc from the sides  

63) Sides from 1dec to 32sc  

64) Sides from 1dec to 30sc  

65) 1dec 28sc from the sides  

66) 1dec 26sc from the sides  

67) 1dec 24sc from the sides  

68) Put the arms on the sides and work together 24sc  

69) 1dec 22sc from the sides  

70) sides from 1dec to 20sc  

71) 1dec 18sc from the sides (Cut the rope)  


1) Magic ring into 6sc  

2) 6inc 12sc  

3-23) 12sc Change color (switch to gray)  

24-28) 12sc  

Cut and finish the rope)  

Note: yellow HDC will be done on the flo on the leg)  

Note: when the head is finished eye contouring will be done)  

Straps Finally, starting with the center of the back of the rabbit sl-st by starting the front side of the chain by pulling the front part by adjusting the single crochet and 10sc or back to the back of the chain and sl-st pull.  


1) Magic ring into 6sc  

2) 6inc 12 sc  

3) (1sc 1inc) * 6 18sc  

4) (2sc 1inc) * 6 24sc  

5-6) 24sc  

7) 8sc (4dec) 8sc 20sc  

8) 6sc (4dec) 6sc 16sc  

9-10) 16sc  

11) Make the reverse single crochet leave the rope long.  

Put your feet up and upright. If the tip of the shoe is filled with a little fiber looks better. 

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