Free Cute Lion Amigurumi Pattern | Craft Your Adorable Crochet Lion Friend

Welcome to the enchanting world of amigurumi! How about creating an endearing little friend like the Cute Lion? The exciting news is that this guide provides the Cute Lion Amigurumi pattern for free! This pattern is thoughtfully crafted to cater to all skill levels, offering detailed step-by-step instructions for a delightful crafting journey.

Pattern Highlights:

  • Materials List: Discover the materials needed to bring your Cute Lion to life.
  • Basic Techniques: The pattern includes explanations of fundamental amigurumi crochet techniques, making it accessible to beginners.
  • Detailed Instructions: Each step is carefully explained to ensure a smooth crafting process.
  • Irresistible Charm: Your finished Cute Lion will exude charm and cuddliness.

To learn more about the Cute Lion Amigurumi pattern and embark on your crochet adventure, follow the instructions below. Craft your very own Cute Lion, and let the world of amigurumi fill your life with joy and creativity!


sc-Single Crochet



sl-st-Slip Stitch

HDC-Half Double Crochet

HDCİNC-Half Double Crochet increase



1.5 chain pull, inc, 2sc, 3inc into the final sc, 3sc: 10sc

2.2İNC, 2sc, 3İNC, 2sc, inc: 16sc

3 (sc, inc) * 2,2sc, 8sc, inc, 3sc, inc: 23sc

4-6: 23sc

Cut the thread.

6 chain check in yellow color for getting long drop sew on rope 5sc, 1 chain check, 5sc

7.Yellow in color as in the head and knitted piece in 2 layers 5sc eg, 17sc: 22sc

we keep the long rope 3-4. sewing between the rows.

8. 7sc,(hdcinc)*7,8sc:29sc


10. 6sc,(3sc,inc)*6,8sc:44sc

11. 15sc,inc,12sc,inc,15sc:46sc

12. 20sc,inc,5sc,inc,19sc:48sc

13-18: 48sc

Insert the eyes into the 8th row with 10 hdc spacing.

20. (9sc,dec)*4 :40sc

21. 4sc,dec,(8sc,dec)*3,4sc :36sc

22. (7sc,dec)*4 :32sc

23. 3sc,dec,(6sc,dec)*3, 3sc :28sc

24. (5sc,dec)*4 :24sc

25. (2sc,dec)*6 :18sc

26. (sc,dec)*6 :12sc

27. (dec)*6 :6sc

Ears (2pcs)

yellow color yarn

1. Magic ring 6sc

2. 6inc: 12sc

3-4: 12sc

2 layers together, 5sc cut the rope

Handles (2 pieces)

yellow color yarn

1. Magic ring 6sc

2.6inc: 12sc

3 (sc, inc) * 6: 18sc

4-5: 18sc

6. (4sc * dec) * 3: 15sc

7. (3sc * dec) * 3: 12sc

8. (2sc * dec) * 3: 9sc

9-19: 9sc

Do not fill the handles too.

Feet (2 pieces)

yellow color yarn

1. Magic ring 6sc

2 (inc) * 6: 12sc

3 (sc, inc) * 6: 18sc

4 (2sc, inc) * 6: 24sc

5-7: 24sc

8.6sc ,(dec) * 6,6sc: 18sc

9.6sc, (dec) * 3,6sc: 15sc

10.4sc, 3dec, 5sc: 12sc

11-13: 12sc

switch to green

14. (3sc, inc) * 3: 15sc

15. (4sc, inc) * 3: 18sc

16. (5sc, inc) * 3: 21sc

cut the rope, the other foot up to the same place.

Add the other leg by pulling 3 chains to cut the rope

17. 21sc, 3. ch to 3sc, 21sc, 3. ch to 3sc: 48sc

18-22: 48sc

13sc e.g. switch to yellow

23. blo: 48sc

24. (6sc, dec) * 6: 42sc

25: 42sc

26. (5sc, dec) * 6: 36sc

27: 36sc

28. (4sc, dec) * 6: 30sc


30 (8sc, dec) * 3: 27sc

31. 27sc

32. (7sc, dec) * 3: 24sc

33: 24sc

34. (6sc, dec) * 3: 21sc

35.row knitting arms add

35. 3sc, 9sc from arm and body, 3sc from arm and body, 6sc: 21sc

36. (5sc, dec) * 3: 18sc

37: 18sc


Pull 15 chains and cut 10 ropes of 8cm length (attach to the tail as in the picture)


23.row also fully revealed 9sc

1.4sc, 1 ch, turn

2.4sc, 1 ch, turn


25 chain check 25sc

2. Hang or ears crossed in the back ears of the head 17-18. Sew between rows of 9 cm long ropes for precise mane Insert 2 rows of ears into each row, starting from the 15th row.

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